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The major civil engineering services provided by Everyday Surveying and Engineering include:

  • Site Designing for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Single Family Residential Settings
  • Creation of Subdivisions for Commercial and Residential
  • Grading and Drainage Design
  • Utility Design of Storm Sewer, Sanitary Sewer, and Water Main
  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Construction Staking
  • Construction Management
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Floodplain Studies

Civil Engineering is considered to be the oldest engineering field. Civil Engineering includes the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of the infrastructure that surrounds us and is the underpinning of our society. Our infrastructure includes roads, airports, railroads, buildings, bridges, water and wastewater treatment plants, sewers, drainage, flood control, water supply, landfills, and many other facilities. Most everything civil engineers do affects our daily lives in many ways.

When you get up in the morning and take a shower and brush your teeth, the water comes from a water distribution system through a network of pipes, designed by civil engineers. The dirty water leaves your house through a sewer and ends up at a wastewater treatment plant designed by civil engineers. When you go to school or work, the roads you drive on and bridges you might cross were designed by civil engineers. The inlet drains along the curbs and gutters which carry away rainfall were designed by civil engineers. The structure or skeleton of the building you attend classes in or work in was designed by a civil engineer, as well as its foundation. Even the electricity you use was brought to you over transmission lines, whose towers were designed by civil engineers. The garbage you carried out to the trashcan is transported to a sanitary landfill, which was designed by a civil engineer. There are many more such examples of how civil engineering is involved in our daily lives.